Pregnancy Reflexology

A relaxing and empowering treatment to help you relax during your pregnancy.

Treatments performed in the comfort of your own home or in mine, with relaxing music.

Pregnancy reflexology is a wonderful way to help you relax and manage stress during this precious time. 

Treatments are adapted according to your gestation and individual needs.

I have had additional training in this field with the AoR Head of Education & Training, Sally Earlam.

A recent study published in the "Midwifery" Journal found that "Reflexology in pregnancy may reduce time in labour" (Midwifery, 2017). Click here to read the article 

Prices start at £45 for 1 hour. 

(First treatment will be longer due to it including an initial full consultation, which is included in this price)

Monthly wellbeing treatments are advised up to 36 weeks of pregnancy after which, weekly may be more beneficial. However, you may have treatments more frequently if you wish.

Treat yourself to a relaxing reflexology session with a Midwife!

Watch a video of some of the benefits of Pregnancy Reflexology!

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